I have found the one whom my soul loves -Song of Solomon 3:4

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Writing is an easy task for me. It actually is my first love. Ask me to write about anything and I can do it in about half an hour. And no, I’m not bragging haha! Anywayyy, you know what I can’t figure out right now? It’s why I cannot seem to come up with a decent write-up for you! I’ve been trying to do so this past week but every attempt has seemed to fail. I end up deleting every single paragraph I’ve typed or I usually just stare at the blank page in front of me. But I promised myself to come up with something productive tonight! So here goes…

I wouldn’t say that you make me happy because a lot of things make me happy. I think the more appropriate thing to say is that you add to my happiness. Because seriously, I was happy before you came. I was actually enjoying my life. But when you entered the picture, I realized I could be happier and true to my realization, I became that with you.

I’m actually hesitant about writing to you because I don’t know if you appreciate such a gesture. I guess I still have a lot to learn about you but that’s okay because I know I’ve got my entire life to do that. It’s quite exciting, you know..to have a new love. I mean, I wake up everyday knowing that there are new things to discover. It’s as if each day is a learning process and I get to know stuff about you- both the good and the bad. But you need not worry, because I love you for all that you are, including all your quirks.

I know you are aware of how my past relationship was. And I wouldn’t wanna dwell on that, but I just have to say this. Hmmm… God knows how much of a battle I went through, everyday I would ask Him to heal me and to prepare my heart for someone who truly deserves it and the other way around. I had no idea it was you. You came as a surprise. Seriously.

With you I’ve learned that in a relationship, you need not tie your partner up. That it’s okay to give each other the freedom they need. That there aren’t supposed to be restrictions or rules. That a healthy relationship is one which allows each other to grow as individuals. That it’s not always about the two of you. That you can still go on girls/boys nights out. That you don’t always have to be around each other. That it’s completely okay to talk to other people and make new friends. That there’s no need to become overly possessive of the other. That you can fight without saying things that hurt. That those fights can be addressed calmly and maturely. That it’s not okay to sleep with a resentful heart. That you support each other’s dreams and not stop them. That there’s always room for improvement. And that it all boils down to trust. Because above it all, love can never work out without trust.

Thank you for making me feel that there’s something better out there and that a love like this does exist. I mean, ours is not a perfect love but what the heck, who has one, right? We’re silly and carefree and crazy with just the right amount of seriousness and maturity- and that works for us. So I guess we’re good. Haha!

I love you. I really do. I know you sometimes doubt that love and it hurts me. But really, I do and you’ve already become a huge part of my life that I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you. So yeah, I may not be all lovey dovey and cheesy and expressive..that’s me..that’s who I am.. but one thing’s for sure, you have my heart and it’s gonna stay that way for quite a long time :)

Happy first, baby! One down, and a lifetime to go. ❤

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14

It never matters
what clothes you choose to put on,
I will want them off.

If old I will grow
and if wrinkles there will be,
I want you with me.

I will not ever
take a single breath of you
at all for granted.

All things I would drop
and anything I would do,
you won’t need to ask.

I could write a song
using only the letters
living in your name.

Detail of Prada dress designed by Miuccia Prada for “The Great Gatsby” | Vogue Australia, May 2013.

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